LifeCycle Challenge


Around the World in 80 Days!

Monday 11th April marked yet another run of the LifeCycle Around the World In 80 days challenge. The venue this time round is Chic Physique’s new studio at The Hilltop in Naxxar. This challenge is an opportunity for sponsors to give far more than just money, they give sweat and breath. As the overhead projector showed scenes from various popular global destinations, the begins to add up.

Every day renal patients undergo strenuous,  invasive medical procedures at the Mater Dei hospital, spending hours on end on dialysis just to keep their bodies ticking. For the LifeCycle team it was this thought that was kept in mind as the first pedal began turning. LifeCycle teams have been cycling across the face of the earth every year for 15 years, putting themselves through immense hardship to support the renal patients, both financially and psychologically. Up till now sponsors and interested entities showed their support through donations.

Who else will take up the challenge? Contact us for more information should your company or you and a group of people wish to take part.

Upcoming Events!

On the 13th July The Life cycle team consisting of 15  cyclists including Shirley and myself from the studio will depart for Zambia. The mission will be to cycle 2000km from Lusaka to Livingstone in just 11 days which means an average of over 180km a day! The cyclists will be cycling for 8-9 hours a day, [...]

First Sunday Ride!

The last time I felt as enthusiastic about a Sunday ride has to be during the first year back in 1999. I couldn’t wait to get out of bed this morning and go through that wonderful ritual of getting all the kit together and preparing the bike. Oh I know I’ve been in the shadows of [...]

5 Days to Training! Time to get the show on the road!

In just 5 days time a small group of 15 registered cyclists will begin their 17 week training programme for yet another Life Cycle Challenge, this time to Zambia. Life Cycle of course has been doing these challenges for the past 18 years in order to raise money and awareness for  renal patients and in that time [...]

Official Training Draws Near! Apply Now

This is the 18th edition of the charity event LifeCycle, which is the only charity raising money and awareness for persons suffering from renal failure. In the 18 years since its conception, Life Cycle has visited 40 different countries and raised around €1.5 million
It is renowned for being an “extreme” challenge with 4 months of [...]