Actavis LifeCycle Challenge 2014


Letter from Renal Unit

This year the pilgrimage to Lourdes took place from the 29th August to the 3rd September, 2014. We renal nurses and renal doctor started preparing and planning what we should take for our 16 renal patients. Such a pilgrimage involves a lot of time and planning however, knowing that such an opportunity motivates our patients who suffer from a chronic disease, improves their quality of life and most important of all gives them some hope and a smile at least for 5 days, helps us to keep going and do what is necessary to help them. During this pilgrimage patients are given time to pray, take part in the religious pilgrimages and at the same time still do their peritoneal dialysis treatment or hemodialysis sessions at the hospital in Lourdes.

On behalf of the renal nurses and doctor who came to Lourdes, I would like to thank Life Cycle for sponsoring some of the renal patients and renal nurses. Thanks to Life Cycle, these people were given the opportunity to benefit from a rewarding experience, an experience which lets them realize that they are not on their own and that they are surrounded by people who are ready to help them.

Thank you life cycle

Josette Parnis

Renal Nurse

DAY 4 Marugame to Kobe – 235Km


Two Lifecycle cyclists got lost yesterday for over three hours after the group had to split up going over a series of bridges. The route on Friday took them over 260km over seven bridges linking six islands off the east coast. However, many of the bridges have either seperate lanes [...]

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