LifeCycle Challenge


The Smoke that Thunders and The Cyclists That Don’t Quit!

So that’s it. LifeCycle Foundation’s 18th challenge ‘Zambia, The Smoke that Thunders’ has come to an end, and what a ride it has been. LifeCycle has always prided itself on being one of the most extreme challenges, certainly locally and surely somewhere at the top internationally. This year has been no exception.

The cyclists took on toughest, romantic Africa in an epic ride from Lusaka, through the copper belt to Livingstone. Most days started at 5am with an average cycle time of 11 hours. They dealt with dirt roads, long arduous off-roads and lack of connection to Malta and their families.

Something must be said about this beautiful land and its’ people. As a country it is beautiful beyond anyone’s wildest imaginings. The lush green and brown African bush and kind, generous Zambians have blown our minds. We’ve camped on the banks of the Zambeze, seen buffalo and elephants and came out the other end beaten but in

The cyclists have always shouldered the responsibility of being the only organization locally that collects funds for renal research proudly. After this year we shall continue to do so with our sights set not only on Malta, but on international horizons as well.

We will stay dedicated and after 18 years there is no doubt in our minds that it will not slow down. We will continue to take on the wildest parts of the world we can find and we will continue to help move towards beating this horrible disease that is so easily overlooked.

So that’s it. Now the cyclists can finally relax for a day or two after giving sweat and blood. We are proud of each and everyone one of our cyclists and each and every one of them is a modern day hero. Let’s see which heroes will rise to the challenge next year.

With Love from Zambia!

21st July: Mongu – Sioma Falls (185km)

Today the psychological battle continued. The long straight road was a welcome break from the intense offroad the cyclists had to endure however mentally it left them fatigued. With nothing to do but keep pushing pedal after pedal the cyclists began to feel the pain of past kilometers. Knees,numb hands and other parts best not […]

20th July: Kaoma – Mongu (225km)

Today was a day everyone was looking forward to. The cyclists were finally getting over the long stretch of African bush off-road that had caused them so much pain and injury. Only 40 kilometers of it was left. That is not to say that it was easy going. Four cyclists fell more then once but […]

In the Middle of Nowhere 18th-19th July (371 km)

For the past two days’ cyclists have had to face extremes on all accounts. After cycling through various small settlements scattered around the rural areas of already rural towns we entered what our guides were calling ‘The real African bush’ and after two days I can see why. At first before reality sets in the […]

Day 3: Chimfunshi to Solwezi 117km

The past two days made one thing clear, African Bush was not going to be easy. At least on this day the cyclists had a nice surprise, a (relatively) late wake up time of 7am and a quick walk around the chimpanzee sanctuary they had just slept in. The route ahead was also shorter in […]