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Finally it’s time for LifeCycle Malta Foundation’s 18th challenge. The past 17 years have taken various groups of brave cyclists all around the world, from Morocco to Montenegro, Serbia to Slovakia and many places in between. This years challenge marks the 40th destination, Zambia, with all the challenges and triumphs that will surely come with it. All these challenges are endured in order to provide aid to Maltese renal patients in the form of funding for equipment and other necessities to increase these patient’s quality of life.

LifeCycle is well known for being a grueling challenge, a not-for-the-faint-of-heart kind of affair, but what keeps the cyclists going no matter what is knowing that they are putting themselves through this to show camaraderie with the renal patients that have to spend so much of their time on dialysis.

After a true battle with the elements last year in Iceland the destination this year would have to be truly spectacular to keep the momentum going, and it definitely does that. This is the second time a group of Maltese cyclists will visit the stunning continent of Africa under the LifeCycle banner. Once again this group of cyclists will attempt to face the elements and do just that, travelling massive distances throughout the day.

Already the team is growing and many have picked up the torch and will join LifeCycle in this challenge. Applications are open and we invite you to join us on this challenge, where you will be helping those in our own renal unit by challenging yourself and the world around you. It is a truly humbling experience to overcome environmental challenges, and mental challenges to help those that need it.

This challenge promises to be life-changing on both sides of the scale, both for the challengers and the patients. With this in mind, visit us on and apply or ask any questions you may have. If you wish to support us but cycling isn’t for you please do help us by raising money for the renal unit by calling: 5160 2020 (€10); 5170 2005 (€15); 5180 2006 (€25) or texting: 5061 7370 (€2.33); 5061 8920 (€6.99); 5061 9229 (€11.65)

Lifecycle Challenge 2016 Application

We are happy to announce that applications are now open.  Please click here to apply.

2016 LifeCycle Challenge to be announced next week.

The LifeCycle Foundation Committee are pleased to announce the launch of the 2016 Challenge on Wednesday 16th December.  This will be held at the Radisson Blu Hotel in St Julians at 12pm and we invite past participants and interested cyclists to attend to find out more about our destination.

Day 8 in Iceland – from Hofn to Kirkjubæjarklauster

For anyone following the events throughout the challenge thus far it should come as no surprise that the day started off with, you guessed it ladies and gentlemen, rain. After all the hardship, the long exhausting days, the impossible mountain and gravel roads, Iceland still would not give the team an inch. If they wanted [...]

Day 7 in Iceland – from Raydarfjordur to Hofn

In previous days it seems Iceland wished to show just how challenging and wild a place it can be, but today it had a different lesson to teach our cyclists, the irony of its summer months.  This time of year the sun never sets. That being said it also seldom seen. The whole day the [...]