LifeCycle Challenge



As participants sign up to join the 2014 LifeCycle Challenge, their photos will be shown here. Are you interested in joining?

If a participant’s name is shown in red it means you can click their photo to open their personal fundraising page and make a donation to help them on their way.


  • Joe Aquilina

    Joe Aquilina

  • Gary Camilleri

    Gary Camilleri

  • Shirley Cefai

    Shirley Cefai

  • Alan Curry

    Alan Curry

  • Lee Duric

    Lee Duric

  • Rigo Falzon

    Rigo Falzon

  • Tim Peco

    Tim Peco

  • Willie Saliba

    Willie Saliba

  • Nick Valenzia

    Nick Valenzia


Backup Team

  • Christina Cefai

    Christina Cefai

  • Julian Cefai

    Julian Cefai

  • Elena Ermukhina

    Elena Ermukhina