LifeCycle Challenge


The Trials and Tribulations of Days 2 & 3

Day 2 (185km) Today was day 2 of the LIfeCycle Challenge, and after a relatively easy first day, the team was quickly brought back to the reality of the challenge. We all knew it would be a long day with 185 km to cover but still very little could prepare the cyclists for what was […]

Day 1: Tress, Wide Open Planes and a Big Big Hill

Today marked the first day of official cycling. It was 6:30 when the cyclists started their ride, when even the sun was just starting it’s day.We started in Nairobi where the cyclists were faced with heavy traffic from cars to lorries. While in Nairobi our title sponsor, Foster Clark’s, had a surprise for the cyclists, […]

Preparation Day: The Calm Before the Storm

Today was a day of preparation. After a sleepless night the cyclists set up their bikes and had a short ride to their campsite for the night. It’s evening time now and after all the mental and physical preparation there’s a lull before the storm. The look on the faces of those experienced cyclists has […]

The first steps on a long ride!

As I write this we sit around a table in Ataturk Airport exchanging excited smiles and tales of LifeCycle Challenges past. The team feels together and strong. In two days time the brave cyclists will face a daunting task, the Foundations 19th challenge, the Foster Clark’s LifeCycle challenge. The ride will take them 1800km from […]

The Foster Clark’s LifeCycle Challenge covered by Oz and Jay on XFM!

This year the Foster Clark’s LifeCycle challenge will be covered by regular interviews on the Oz and Jay show on XFM 100.2. Support like this from the media is essential for our cause and helping spread the word on what we are trying to achieve. Massive gratitude to two great radio hosts and we hope […]