LifeCycle Challenge


Day 9: The end in sight!

With only two days left the cyclists finally make their way to indoor accommodation as a well deserved break from camping on the desert floor. While all who have experienced this challenge will tell you that there is little in this world as majestic as the sights that have been seen at Foster Clark’s LifeCycle Challenge campsites, indoor accommodation in a challenge as tough as this one is a welcomed reprieve.

However 220km once again stand between the cyclists and their next accommodation. They set out on this task at 05:30am invigorated by the fact that now, only two days cycling stands between those that remain and their final destination, Salalah. Besides the significant distance that needs to be covered, cyclists must also climb some steep uphills, with the first of the day being an 8% incline. Now the temperatures have lowered to low 30 Degrees Celsius So while the promise of indoor accommodation and the finish line so close offers encouragement, the mental and physical strain that will be put on the cyclists today is no less than before. In fact, after all these athletes have faced, it is surely sheer determination that is keeping them going now. The uphills that started the day became descents towards the end, allowing cyclists to pick up the pace, some even reporting speeds of up to 80 km/hr.

After a long, hard journey they cyclists begin to enter their accommodation after at least 13 hours of cycling, once again panting, sweating and covered in sand. Every Foster Clark’s Lifecycle challenge is an immense test on those who take it on, on this year has been no different. Our cyclists have never faced such heat and very few  have traversed desert landscapes before. The cyclists morale is high as they look to tomorrow, their final day of cycling!

Day 8: Out of the desert, and the frying pan!

Today once again cyclists face a 200km ride to another campsite. Waking at 03:30am they set-up and set off at 05:00am looking forward to turning the 3 rides left into 2. After a slight climb in the beginning of the day the terrain promised to be mostly flat. Another day of desert roads faced the […]

Day 7: The Desert Never Ends

There may only be four days of cycling left, but every day left now is over 200km long meaning cyclists will get no break from long arduous journeys in the extreme heat. Today’s cycle will take them a further 224km along the coast. They cyclists climbed out of their tents at around 03:30 a.m to take […]

Day 6: Further into the desert

The cyclists may be over the halfway point, but that doesn’t mean things are going to get any easier. Today they will have to take on a 220km ride around the sand dunes they just called their home for the night. Their route will take them towards the coast, which they will follow over the […]

Day 5 – Nizwa to Al Wasil – Into the Sand Dunes

As the cyclists woke up today, they were very aware that after this upcoming ride, they would be halfway through the challenge. As they wake at 04:00 a.m, they look forward to 164km over undulating terrain. Although the overall elevation is was set to decrease slightly today, the cyclists were going up and down mountains […]