LifeCycle Challenge


Start of Training! Foster Clark’s LifeCycle Challenge

Last Sunday the brave cyclists took to the streets to start the training leading up to the Challenge. Here’s what Founder Alan  Curry had to say to the team:
“Well it’s started again? Sunday rides, meetings, sponsors and all the uncertainty that is par for the course.
Life Cycle has and always will be much more than just the ride. It’s about the whole planning of it, the preparation and then the trip itself. I love the planning phase, contacting the host countries, examining the route, reading up on the places we’ll be going and all the equipment, visas, transport, injections etc etc.
Of course first familiarizing yourself with the bike is a priority if you’re new to this sport. Most of you this morning are experienced riders so the progressive training and weight loss is your only concern and as I said on Friday a combination of indoor and outdoor bike is what’s needed. Those new to the bike must master the gears and the general handling and although good sessions on the indoor might be necessary, the ratio must swing towards the outdoors.
I’m in love with Africa and that will not be the last time I say that. As I was saying to someone this morning, when you see the sun rise over an African landscape it’ll bring you to tears. Your internal human instincts will suddenly engage and you’ll realize that there has been something missing in your life before that point. Life Cycle looks strong and I couldn’t be happier with the group we have this year. Get to know each other, get to know the story behind the person. The more you know of one another the less likelihood of frustration on route because there’ll be respect throughout. The coffee stops are almost as important as the ride itself as are the meetings. If you can’t make it on Sunday because of injury or illness then jump in the car and support the others as you would on route. This is a team game and on first impressions this is a strong team. Africa will be the icing on the cake, an experience of a lifetime somewhere you too will fall in love with but there’s a long way to go yet.
Sleep well”

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