LifeCycle Challenge


Day 4: The Road to Tanzania

Today was the fourth day of the Foster Clark’s LifeCycle Challenge the cyclists woke up to a great start of the day, a reward for the hell they have been put through in the past 48 hours. After some extra time to rest they filled up on a buffet breakfast in the lodge they slept at overnight.


They set off at 7:25 and within fifteen minutes they spotted their first wild animal on the side of the road, a female lion resting from a night on the prowl. It was exciting and frightening all at once but as we are growing to find as we traverse this beautiful country, animals no matter how wild have little interest in the movement of people unless provoked.

The next part of the day consisted of a climb, and a big one at that, all the way up a mountain. The proverb ‘All that glitters is not gold’ came into meaning for many this morning. The cyclists were greeted by scenery more beautiful then many had ever seen, however this was accompanied by a climb even tougher then the one encountered just yesterday. By the time they got to the top many were completely spent and refreshed their bodies with as much sugar as they could. All were looking forward to the downhill as all that goes up must come down, however it was mostly off-road in very soft sand. That being said it was still more appreciated then the way up.

After lunch the cyclists made their way to the Tanzanian border for what was a smooth crossing with accommodation waiting merely 8km away from the border. After all these kilometers (187 kilometers just today!) nerves are beginning to get frayed and tensions rise in moments however those moments quickly calm as we remember that if we don’t work as a team, there is no crossing the finish line.

As I write this the cyclists eat supper and prepare their now battered bodies for the ride ahead tomorrow. We are sure that Tanzania we be as stunning and trying as Kenya and the cyclists will continue to pedal till either their feet or their wheels fall off for a cause they intensely believe in.

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