LifeCycle Challenge


Day 9: The Long Ride Home!

The day before last of the Foster Clark’s LifeCycle Challenge. Things should surely be getting easier by now, normally as challenges reach their end and people get tired distances get shorter and conditions better. Not on this challenge however.

The cyclists faced a day of over 240km which is long on the best day, in fact the longest day most cyclists have ever had to face. This came after 8 tough days of riding on tough terrain and facing headwind, which was not shy today. The headwind battered the cyclists for the first five hours of the day reducing the speed of most of these experienced cyclists down to 14km/hr.

The road taken was straight and undulating the whole way. It also seemed to be quite a popular highway as 16 to 32 wheel lorries thundered past the cyclists, which was quite intimidating and worrisome for all of us. Luckily no one was seriously hurt.

All in all the cyclists were on the road for over 12 hours having left even earlier than usual at 6:00 am. With all the sores, sore knees and worn down muscles they were 12 hours of misery but we are very proud of what the cyclists have achieved. For those left in the challenge  there is the feeling that nothing can stop them at this point. With the finish so close they can taste it on the tip of their tongue. We hope their efforts continue to inspire support for the renal patients and research into the causes and cures for renal failure. The modern day heroes nurse their injuries, go to bed and prepare for their final 180km ride.

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