LifeCycle Challenge


Day 5 – Nizwa to Al Wasil – Into the Sand Dunes

As the cyclists woke up today, they were very aware that after this upcoming ride, they would be halfway through the challenge. As they wake at 04:00 a.m, they look forward to 164km over undulating terrain. Although the overall elevation is was set to decrease slightly today, the cyclists were going up and down mountains most of the day, albeit on excellent road conditions.

At 05:00 am the cyclists set off towards their final destination for the day, Wasil. They make their way through the mountains with sun blazing overhead. At this point the athletes will need to dig deep to find the motivation to keep going, with every stroke of the pedal both getting you closer to the finish line, but also reminding you of all the blisters and bruises accrued so far. For many here Foster Clarks LifeCycle Challenge combines three pillars that make this annual endeavour so enticing. These values that all here hold are philanthropy, adventure and sheer determination.

If those that attempt this challenge repeatedly are asked, they will tell you that putting themselves through this challenge only makes the mission more important and more worth doing. As founder Alan Curry is fond of saying, any day on the bike is better than a day on dialysis. As the cyclists approach the Sand Dunes of Wasil these thoughts will surely be racing through their heads.The cyclists arrived at their desert camp at 02:00pm. Those who are still in it will have a new sense of determination after today. There’s something about skipping the halfway point that creates an electric feeling of eagerness as the cyclists look forward, knowing that if they’ve gotten to this point, it would have to be something quite drastic to make them stop now. Tonight cyclists rest in a beautiful campsite amid the sand dunes. getting ready for a long 200km ride tomorrow.


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