LifeCycle Challenge


Day 6: Further into the desert

The cyclists may be over the halfway point, but that doesn’t mean things are going to get any easier. Today they will have to take on a 220km ride around the sand dunes they just called their home for the night. Their route will take them towards the coast, which they will follow over the coming days to their final destination in Salalah. The athletes set off at 05:00 a.m.

They faced temperatures of up to 39 degrees celsius, and while they would have been pleased at the overall downhill slope of today’s ride, little can offer consolation from the sun’s harsh heat. Foster Clark’s LifeCycle has taken cyclists all over the world, to both extremes of temperature, but this heat has a special tenacity that makes the cyclists days seem a lot more difficult. Besides the heat cyclists battles heading and a sand storm as they cycled past fishing villages and shifting sand dunes.

The local infrastructure does take the heat into consideration, with water points found along the route. This combined with the backup team’s efforts ensures the cyclists have all the water they need to take on the weather. After 11 hours of desert roads, the cyclists finally arrived at their camp. Morale is good but mood was despondent in camp when thinking of what is to come. They are camping in the desert, sleeping in tents on the sand that by now they know all too well.  


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