LifeCycle Challenge


Day 8: Out of the desert, and the frying pan!

Today once again cyclists face a 200km ride to another campsite. Waking at 03:30am they set-up and set off at 05:00am looking forward to turning the 3 rides left into 2. After a slight climb in the beginning of the day the terrain promised to be mostly flat.

Another day of desert roads faced the cyclists with only each other and camels as company. It’s difficult to describe the sense of space you get when travelling through the desert, especially for most on the trip who have spent most of their lives in Malta. Locals are also very curious, regularly stopping cyclists gifting them with water and drinks. Morale is high, however injuries become more visible and another cyclist has to withdraw due to fatigue.

By now the cyclists have travelled over 1,385km through the majestic, spacious desert landscape. They will once again camp, this time near a sea side town called Lakabi, and watch the sun sink over the horizon as they get one step closer to the finish line. The athletes can sense the end is near now and one can feel the motivation starting to rise. 


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