LifeCycle Challenge



The LifeCycle Foundation was founded in 1999 on the Mediterranean island of Malta in order to create awareness and generate support for patients suffering from end-stage renal disease. Nowadays, a large portion of the money raised goes towards research in trying to determine causes and cures to kidney disease.

LifeCycle Challenge

The Foundation organises one of the most gruelling endurance events in Europe, pitting a dedicated team of international cyclists against the elements in a long distance ride through different countries all over the world. This event covers an average of 2,000km in a mere 10 days and is held annually in the summer months.

By putting such an extreme event together, LifeCycle intends to attract the attention to the plight of patients suffering from Renal failure and to encourage generous donations from major countries and the general public. In past years, LifeCycle has raised an estimated €2,000,000 to help improve the lives of kidney disease patients.

LifeCycle has three main aims:

  • To raise awareness about Renal Disease.
  • To raise funds for the treatment of Renal patients.
  • To increase research into the causes and possible cures for Renal failure.

The LifeCycle Organisation is registered with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations.