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French half marathon runner pledges support to LifeCycle
(Times of Malta, 28 Mar 2018)
L-atleta Franċiż ta’ nofs maratoni jappoġġja lil LifeCycle
(One, 28 Mar 2018)
French half marathons’ runner pledges support to LifeCycle
(Live News Malta, 27 Mar 2018)
Wilfred Palcy se jagħmel in-nofs maratona b’appoġġ għall-Fondazzjoni LifeCycle
(Net News, 27 Mar 2018)
French half marathons’ runner pledges support to LifeCycle
(Malta Independent, 27 Mar 2018)
Lifecycle’s donation to University
(Times of Malta, 16 Jul 2017)
Kidney transplant patients to get efficient waiting list system
(Times of Malta, 06 Jul 2017)
When businesses give back, the community benefits - Minister Chris Cardona
(Malta Independent, 05 Jul 2017)
LifeCycle donates €20,000 for software to match patients with organs
(Times of Malta, 14 Jun 2017)
Lifecycle donate €20,000 for kidney-matching software
(TVM, 14 Jun 2017)
Next year’s Foster Clark’s Lifecycle Challenge – on the Serengeti Trail
(Times of Malta, 01 Jan 2017)
Mill-2016 NGOs irreġistrati biss se jibbenefikaw mill-MCCF
(News Book, 03 Oct 2015)
LifeCycle has eyes on land of fire and ice
(Times of Malta, 15 Nov 2014)
Actavis 2014 LifeCycle challenge collects €122,000 for renal unit
(Malta Independent, 30 Oct 2014)
Artists in aid of LifeCycle
(Times of Malta, 31 Aug 2014)
Actavis LifeCycle Challenge - Piling on the Miles
(Malta Today, 25 Aug 2013)
APS sponsors LifeCycle participant
(Times of Malta, 18 Aug 2013)
Cyclists depart for LifeCycle Challenge
(Times of Malta, 18 Aug 2013)
LifeCycle participants train for a day in Gozo
(Times of Malta, 04 Aug 2013)
Actavis presented with official LifeCycle shirt
(Times of Malta, 04 Aug 2013)
Simon Busuttil jawgura lill-parteċipanti tal-Life Cycle
(MaltaRightNow, 31 Jul 2013)
LifeCyclists are an inspiration
(Times of Malta, 31 Jul 2013)
Cycling For Life
(Sunday Circle, 07 Jul 2013)
Lifecycle to kick off 2013 fundraising campaign on Saturday
(Times of Malta, 14 May 2013)
LifeCycle Challenge sponsorship launched with a bang
(Times of Malta, 05 May 2013)
Minsk-St Petersburg route for this year's LifeCycle Challenge
(Malta Independent, 25 Mar 2013)
LifeCycle going to Russia
(Times of Malta, 25 Mar 2013)
Maltese cycling group here for fundraising ride
(Cootamundra Herald, 09 Nov 2012)
LifeCyclists given heroes' welcome
(Times of Malta, 09 Nov 2012)
LifeCyclists make good progress
(Times of Malta, 05 Nov 2012)
Brisbane – Melbourne toughest challenge ever – Alan Curry
(TVM, 02 Nov 2012)
Half way mark for LifeCycle
(Times of Malta, 02 Nov 2012)
LifeCyclists leave for Brisbane
(Times of Malta, 25 Oct 2012)
Help us fill the glass with milk for the LifeCycle Challenge 2012
(Malta Independent, 19 Sep 2012)
LifeCycle Challenge 2012
(Times of Malta, 22 Jul 2012)
The Road Ahead
(Sunday Circle, 13 May 2012)
LifeCycle taking the challenge Down Under
(Times of Malta, 03 Apr 2012)
Potential donors should contact renal unit
(Times of Malta, 12 Mar 2012)
ID cards likely to include organ donation consent
(Times of Malta, 12 Mar 2012)
Exhausted cyclists reach Sarajevo
(Times of Malta, 24 Aug 2011)
LifeCyclists look forward to the finish line
(Times of Malta, 23 Aug 2011)
LifeCyclists put to the test
(Times of Malta, 20 Aug 2011)
Challenge cyclists lost and found
(Times of Malta, 19 Aug 2011)
Two LifeCyclists take a wrong turning
(Times of Malta, 18 Aug 2011)
Hungarian policeman chases LifeCycle support car - for a Maltese coin!
(Times of Malta, 17 Aug 2011)
LifeCycle ride starts from Prague’s Old Town Square
(Times of Malta, 15 Aug 2011)
LifeCycle truck stuck on border
(Times of Malta, 14 Aug 2011)
Great start to LifeCycle Challenge
(Times of Malta, 14 Aug 2011)
LifeCyclists leave Malta for Prague to embark on new challenge
(Times of Malta, 12 Aug 2011)
LifeCyclists riding 8 hours a day
(Times of Malta, 09 Aug 2011)
LifeCycle countdown begins
(Malta Independent, 07 Aug 2011)
The cycle of life
(Times of Malta, 07 Aug 2011)
LifeCycle participants to leave on 12 August
(Malta Independent, 06 Aug 2011)
Cliff Micallef's widow pleads: ‘Make roads safer for cyclists’
(Times of Malta, 25 Jul 2011)
LifeCycle Team Gears Up
(Malta Independent, 19 Jul 2011)
Lifecycle participants in Cyprus training camp
(Times of Malta, 17 Jul 2011)
No breaking the cycle for fund-raisers
(Times of Malta, 17 Jul 2011)
Gonzi, Muscat, encourage cylists ahead of LifeCycle Challenge
(Times of Malta, 16 Jul 2011)
Emirates organises Cyprus training camp for LifeCycle challengers
(Times of Malta, 07 Jul 2011)
Organizzazzjoni volontarja tgħin lil oħra
(l-orizzont, 27 Jun 2011)
LifeCycle Challenge - From Prague to Sarajevo
(Malta Independent, 19 Jun 2011)
LifeCyclists training for 2000km 7 country trip
(Times of Malta, 09 Jun 2011)
A good turn deserves another
(Times of Malta, 08 Jun 2011)
Vivian Corporation supports LifeCycle
(Malta Independent, 22 May 2011)
LifeCycle support
(Times of Malta, 22 May 2011)
More support for next LifeCycle Challenge
(Malta Independent, 19 May 2011)
LifeCycle becomes foundation
(Times of Malta, 28 Apr 2011)
LifeCycle participants sought
(DI-VE, 13 Apr 2011)
LifeCycle Challenge applications
(Malta Independent, 12 Apr 2011)
Cycle for your life
(Malta Inside Out, 10 Oct 2010)
Cyclists' attitude just fantastic
(Times of Malta, 30 Aug 2010)
LifeCyclists return home
(Times of Malta, 29 Aug 2010)
LifeCycle Challenge ends at Old Trafford
(Times of Malta, 28 Aug 2010)
Sir Alex Ferguson greets LifeCycle team at Old Trafford Stadium
(Times of Malta, 27 Aug 2010)
Longest and coldest day for LifeCyclists
(Times of Malta, 24 Aug 2010)
Getting There
(Times of Malta, 24 Aug 2010)
LifeCyclist issued with temporary passport
(Times of Malta, 23 Aug 2010)
LifeCycle Challenge loses two cyclists
(Times of Malta, 21 Aug 2010)
LifeCyclists take on "The Devil's Highway"
(Times of Malta, 18 Aug 2010)
LifeCyclists move closer to Germany
(Times of Malta, 18 Aug 2010)
LifeCyclists cross over to Switzerland
(Times of Malta, 17 Aug 2010)
Cyclists expect more security
(Times of Malta, 02 Aug 2010)
Cyclists mark Cliff Micallef anniversary - wife hopes for justice
(Times of Malta, 01 Aug 2010)
LifeCycle bears 2009 fruit and looks ahead
(Times of Malta, 12 Jul 2010)
Lifecycle donates dialysis machines to Renal Unit
(Times of Malta, 11 Jul 2010)
Lifecycle to raise money for psychological assistance to patients
(Times of Malta, 17 Jun 2010)
Fund-raising for renal patients
(Times of Malta, 16 Jun 2010)
Pedalling on, a year after a father's tragic death
(VIDA Magazine, June 2010, 01 Jun 2010)
Deloitte sponsors LifeCycle Challenge participants
(Times of Malta, 20 May 2010)
Plans for Man. United players to join Lifecycle marathon
(Times of Malta, 15 Mar 2010)
Old Trafford Target for LifeCycle
(DI-VE, 12 Mar 2010)
2010 Betfair LifeCycle Challenge Launched!
(Sport in Malta, 12 Mar 2010)
LifeCycle Challenge heading for Old Trafford
(Times of Malta, 12 Mar 2010)
Betfair LifeCycle Challenge announces 2010 Old Trafford route
(Malta Star, 12 Mar 2010)
Betfair LifeCycle Challenge 2010 route announced
(, 12 Mar 2010)
Actor detained for 'spying' during LifeCycle Challenge
(Times of Malta, 23 Aug 2009)
Cliff Micallef's son to join LifeCycle
(Times of Malta, 20 Aug 2009)
Smooth ride by LifeCycle into Syria
(Times of Malta, 17 Aug 2009)
Tough ride tests LifeCyclists' endurance
(Times of Malta, 12 Aug 2009)
Tough day for LifeCycle Participants
(Times of Malta, 11 Aug 2009)
Wet start as LifeCycle Challenge kicks off
(Times of Malta, 09 Aug 2009)
President Abela praises courage of LifeCycle team
(Times of Malta, 04 Aug 2009)
President praises LifeCycle group for its determination
(Times of Malta, 03 Aug 2009)
Cyclist killed in Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq was training for LifeCycle
(Times of Malta, 30 Jul 2009)
Betfair helps LifeCycle to buy equipment
(Times of Malta, 28 Jul 2009)
Vodafone Malta Foundation travels the Silk Road
(Times of Malta, 26 Jul 2009)
Betfair Holdings donate €25,000 to Lifecycle for this year’s event
(Malta Star, 18 Jun 2009)