LifeCycle Challenge



LifeCycle is run by a team of dedicated volunteers.

Alan Curry – Founder/Chairperson

Alan Curry

Alan Curry

Alan is a personal fitness consultant and British Cycling coach who was the founder member of the LifeCycle idea.

Alan’s wife Carmen is a kidney patient having been on dialysis for 3 years before undergoing a kidney transplant 10 years ago. Alan’s original idea was to cycle from Malta to his home village near Newcastle in the UK as a gesture of thanks to the renal unit for their treatment of Carmen during those early days of dialysis. The trip took 19 days and totalled 3100km raising thousands for the unit and gaining unprecedented publicity for renal patients.

The organisation was born and since then Alan has ridden three more challenges, however he has predominantly been the event organiser for the past 12 years, with special responsibility for training the cyclists.

Tony Bugeja – Founder

Tony Bugeja

Tony Bugeja

Works within the health department. Born in 1961 he has a wide experience in the medical field and has worked for a number of years close to renal patients. Tony participated in the first LifeCycle Challenge and formed part of the backup support team in several challenges over the years.

Tim Peco – Founder

Tim Peco

Tim Peco

Tim graduated as an IT engineer in 2002 from the University of Malta and has worked as a lecturer at MCAST and since 2007 with developing instrumentation for the Oil & Gas and Mining industries.

He lives in Stockholm and works for the Swedish mining giant LKAB. He now crosses the Arctic Circle on a regular basis but did so for the first time with Alan Curry during a LC reccie back in 2006.

Tim joined Lifecycle in 2005 for the Balkans challenge and has never looked back. He lead the Arctic Challenge, the biggest to date and has in some form of other joined the LC editions that followed. Apart from making him some friends for life and transforming his lifestyle, Tim maintains he is alive because of Lifecycle. After years of being a committee member, when Lifecycle was turned into a foundation, he was co-opted as a founding member.

Shirley Cefai – Chairperson

Shirley Cefai

Shirley graduated as an architect and civil engineer in 1988 and has worked in the field of conservation ever since. Her Ph.D research focused on the development of conservation in Malta and its socio-cultural implications. She lectures on Philosophy and Development of Conservation at the Department of Heritage, Faculty for the Built Environment, University of Malta.

Shirley decided to participate as a cyclist in the 2008 LifeCycle Challenge because it gave her the opportunity to help renal patients through her love of sport and physical training. In 2009 she was asked to join the committee as media officer, later becoming secretary and Chairperson in October 2014.

In addition to her activities for LifeCycle, Shirley is also a member of the Scientific Committee for the Conservation of the Megalithic Temples and is chair of ICOMOS Malta.

Paul Fleri Soler – Logistics

Paul Fleri Soler

Paul Fleri Soler

Paul has been working in the Airline Industry for over 30 years and holds an EMBA. He first joined the Lifecycle community in 2012 participating in the Australia edition. This was followed by his participation in the Russian and Japanese editions again as a cyclist. After a three year break Paul has decided to take on the challenge and participate once again as a cyclist in the 20thanniversary edition to Oman.

Paul believes that the amount of preparation that cyclists go through to take on the challenge reflects just a small part of the sacrifices that kidney disease patients and their families have to go through to live a life as comfortable as can be.

Jenny Chetcuti – Treasurer

Jennifer Chetcuti

Jenny has been part of the LifeCycle administrators since 2010. She has participated in a number of challenges and formed an important part of the backup crew. She works as a bank clark and is responsible as our treasurer.