LifeCycle Challenge



8 cyclists : 2000 kms in 14 days to Lourdes, France

A year later, Life Cycle 2000 threw a second challenge. This time, the plan was to cycle across Europe to finally arrive in Lourdes, Southern France spanning an estimated 2000Km in only 14 days. Lourdes was chosen as a symbolic arrival point for its fame as place of faith for those seeking a healing miracle. During the route the cyclists were to visit the Vatican. After many hardships, two days and only 400 Km away from the end, the team was forced to quit due to a fuel strike in France, meaning the backup team was unable to support the cyclists. To continue would have meant turning Life Cycle into a personal challenge spending funds unnecessarily in order to meet the planned goals. The aim was to raise money and the team understood that this aim outweighed any personal goals. Additionally , many injuries and sheer exhaustion had also forced 4 of the 8 cyclists to quit. The choice was made to let sleeping dogs lie and call it a day. None-the-less the Renal Unit at St. Luke’s appreciated the hefty contribution Life Cycle made that year .