LifeCycle Challenge



16 cyclists : 1000 kms in 7 days around Malta, Gozo and Sicily

Life Cycle 2001 Tri-Island Challenge involved a 1000 km cycle ride on Mountain Bikes over 7 days between Saturday 15th and Friday 21st September 2001. Involving the Maltese Islands to a greater degree than ever before meant that the Maltese public was exposed for more time to the sight of Life Cyclists swiftly following their route through local streets. The aim was to further increase local awareness of the event and correspondingly increase interest and funding.

The challenge was further increased by adding a time limit. A greater participation meant that cyclists could be divided into teams that competed amicably to attain the best times throughout the challenge. Clocking between outposts was introduced challenging the participants to greater efforts.

24 cyclists started the challenge but only 18 completed the event which covered the Mediterranean islands of Gozo, Malta and Sicily. Approximately Lm 10,000 (Malta Liri) were raised for persons suffering from Renal (Kidney) Failure. The money was used to help these people have a better quality of life by buying more equipment such as blood analysis machines and more kidney machines for St. Luke’s Hospital, Malta.