LifeCycle Challenge



Where only Eagles dare

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This was a challenge that excited us from the start in that we explored a part of Eastern Europe that is off the beaten track and not on your normal tourist trail. We had four ex Eastern block countries and 2000km to cover. Everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong, from 1st day vehicle breakdowns to 3 hour traffic jams. From road closures to thieving gypsies there was never a dull moment.

We lost something like 6 hours on the Romanian/Ukraine and Ukraine/Germany borders thanks to over-zealous guards and we even had one of our drivers detained due to the vehicle hire company giving us the incorrect documents. The one thing that became clear was the unity within the team throughout and the incredible effort by the support team to keep the challenge going. A final finish at the Brandenburg gate in Berlin made it all worthwhile.

We have now retrieved online diary entries for the 2007 Challenge, written by Louise Bugeja – read them all by clicking the topic “2007 Challenge Updates” on the right.