LifeCycle Challenge



The 2013 LifeCycle Challenge TOOK take place between 17th August and 1st September of 2013 (including flights and preparation days).

Day 1 Belarus Minsk Lithuania Vilnius 197km
Day 2 Lithuania Vilnius Lithuania Kybartai 179km
Day 3 Lithuania Kybartai Russia Kaliningrad 154km
Day 4 Russia Kaliningrad Lithuania Klaipeda 148km
Day 5 Lithuania Klaipeda Latvia Ventspils 215km
Day 6 Latvia Ventspils Latvia Riga 186km
Day 7 Latvia Riga Estonia Tartu 245km
Day 8 Estonia Tartu Estonia Tallinn 186km
Day 9 Estonia Tallinn Estonia Narva 210km
Day 10 Estonia Narva Russia St. Petersburg 155km