LifeCycle Challenge


LifeCycle Challenge 2018: From Dubai (UAE) to Salalah (Oman)

LifeCycle Challenge 2018

  The LifeCycle Challenge 2018 will take place in October 2018.  Applications are now open: Click here to apply!  

LifeCycle Kidney Research Program

The spectrum of renal diseases is very wide. Kidney problems can present acutely in a previously healthy individual or can present when the problem has been present for a few months or years. With acute presentations the insult may be reversible and the renal function may return to normal. When the renal insufficiency becomes long-term, we use the term ‘chronic kidney disease’ (CKD).

Around the World in 80 Days!

Monday 11th April marked yet another run of the LifeCycle Around the World In 80 days challenge. The venue this time round is Chic Physique’s new studio at The Hilltop in Naxxar. This challenge is an opportunity for sponsors to give far more than just money, they give sweat and breath.