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LifeCycle Kidney Research Program

The spectrum of renal diseases is very wide. Kidney problems can present acutely in a previously healthy individual or can present when the problem has been present for a few months or years. With acute presentations the insult may be reversible and the renal function may return to normal. When the renal insufficiency becomes long-term, we use the term ‘chronic kidney disease’ (CKD).

Some LifeCycle funding at work

A report by Josette Parnis, Deputy Nursing Office at the Renal Unit. 18 renal patients visited the famous pilgrimage site – the Grotto in Lourdes from the 28th August to the 3rd September. Renal Nurses who accompany renal patients to Lourdes, although they look forward to give such an opportunity to these patients, they have […]

2012 Patient Visit to Lourdes

A report by renal nurse Josette Parnis… On the 29th August, at 10pm, two airplanes were on their way to Lourdes for a 5day pilgrimage. Although this was my 8th time in Lourdes, I was as excited as my Renal patients that came for their first time to Lourdes. This time I and other nurses […]

Lourdes Visit Report

Early in September the LifeCycle (Malta) Foundation helped to fund a trip to Lourdes for the renal patients at Mater Dei Hospital in Malta. Renal Nurse Josette Parnis brings us this report: On the 1st September at 4am the Maltese contingent arrived at Lourdes. The Maltese contingent included 16 Renal patients, nurses from the Renal […]

A warm welcome home

A spontaneous burst of applause greeted the cyclists and backup team as they emerged into the arrivals hall at Malta International Airport, late Friday evening. Almost every team member was met by family or friends, and it was clear from the smiles, laughter and embraces that the team was pleased to be home after such […]